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We Are Kubota

     The brand statement of Kubota is “For Earth, For Life.”  These four words, when combined and implemented, are so much more than fancy advertising speak.  These words are a mission that Kubota is fulfilling as a global company.  They are committed to designing and producing the very best equipment and products so their customers can focus on their jobs of planting, feeding, building and caring for the world in which we live.  From investing in their communities and dealerships and ensuring a wide range of high quality products, to employing America’s best and brightest men and women, Kubota never loses sight of their purpose: to engineer rewarding experiences and help people achieve more.
Kubota Corporation unveiled their first tractor to the US in 1969. The Kubota L200 (21HP) sub-compact tractor was an immediate success, and it quickly filled an equipment void in the American tractor market.  The result of this success was the birth of Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) in 1972.  Since then KTC has continued to expand and refine their product lines for the U.S. market. Now customers can rely on the manufacturing quality of Kubota for lawn mower, utility vehicle, construction equipment, tractor and hay tool usage.
We are passionate.  Anyone that knows a Kubota owner knows how much they love their machine.  Whether it be a tractor or mower, Kubota owners love spending time on their equipment, and love making the land better.
We are producers.  Kubota equipment produces results.  KTC knows you’ve got a job to do and the importance of your equipment.  This is why every Kubota piece is manufactured to the highest quality.
We are caretakers.  From the dealership to the field, those associated with Kubota know the meaning behind the brand and what it means to provide a service.
Kubota may seem new compared to other manufacturers, but for almost 50 years they have brought a new level of productivity and reliability to equipment owners.  Kubota Tractor Corporation has challenged traditions, and even started a few of their own, thus positioning themselves as a major player in the American equipment market.  Their solid network of dealerships and continued dealer support is just the tip of the iceberg for this corporation.  Focusing on the preservation of natural resources and assisting the producers thereof creates a family of Kubota owners made of people like you.  So if you’re Kubota owner, say this out loud, We Are Kubota!

We are Kubota was written by Reed Boettcher in the Summer 2016 issue of Great Plains living.  For more information about Kubota products visit www.gpkubota.com


The Extra Mile – Kubota Tractor Corporation Puts Engineers In The Field To Ensure Quality

The Extra Mile was written by Reed Boettcher in the Summer 2016 issue of Great Plains living

     When hay season started ramping up, Kubota answered the call.  With the assistance of dedicated Great Plains Kubota customers, along with Miki Kuronuma, Shingo Hanada, and Dave Palmer, GP took to the hay fields to get constructive feedback from Kubota baler customers.  This isn’t a new practice for the Kubota hay tool team though.  They reached out last season as well, however this, the rural Duncan area, was new territory for the team.  Kuronuma of KTC’s Machinery/Business development group along with Hanada, GM of Tractor and Utility Planning Sales and Promotion, and finally Palmer, Sr. Product Manager of Hay tools have invested their time and resources to ensure Kubota’s hay line exceeds customer expectations.
Just north of Duncan you’ll find Marlow, Okla.  Here, a custom baling operation owned by Clyde Harms Sr., his son Clyde Harms Jr., and partner Tom Heinrich puts Kubota equipment to the test on a daily basis.  As committed GP customers, they own and operate several Kubota tractors, disc mower conditioners, and balers.  This baling operation’s passion for Kubota equipment sparked KTC’s interest in garnering feedback by allowing Harms’s operation to test a new baler.  This season, at the risk of their own profits, Harms and company have agreed to use Kubota’s new BV4580 prototype this hay season.  Likewise, Kubota has technicians on call if the experimental 5X6 baler should have any issues.  Kuronuma, explained further why Kubota was going to such great lengths for their equipment and customer base.
“Kubota is deeply committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and while we are relatively new to the hay tool market we are pulling all the stops to ensure our hay equipment is as reliable, if not more than any other manufacturer.  We strenuously test our equipment, then send engineers like myself into the fields with prototypes.  We have 15 prototype balers in the central division ranging from San Antonio all the way to North Dakota.  We are dedicated to our equipment, and take these extra steps to ensure our hard work is not wasted.”
The Kubota hay tool team later visited Dan Wright’s cow calf farm near Loco, Okla. to gain further insight on the BV4180 Premium, which Wright purchased last year.  Wright had this to say about his Kubota baler.
“Overall, I was very impressed with my Kubota baler.  It makes really tight bales, and it seems like you can’t plug it up.  The more hay you feed it, the better it works,” said Wright.
Spending time with vendors and customers is never wasted at Great Plains Kubota.  The time spent in the field proves to us that as a dealership we can rely on Kubota to deliver a product we can stand behind, and offer a reliable way for customers to make a profit.

For More Information About Kubota Balers visit www.greatplainskubota.com or for more stories like this visit www.greatplainsliving.com

The Highly Anticipated M7 Tractors Are Coming

The M7-Series, mid-range tractors are Kubota’s largest line-up to date, offering commercial livestock and row-crop producers 130 to 170 horsepower of pure Kubota ingenuity.
With the M7-Series, Kubota has poured resources into technologies that will offer precision farming in a user friendly way.  The M7’s integrated controls the engine, transmission, hydraulic functions and implements are very efficient in reducing operating costs.  The control panel is easy to use, and offers a touch screen that makes it possible to control all operating functions from a single screen!  The M7 is also equipped with an auto guiding system and performance monitor to increase productivity.  One look at the impressively grand design of these new tractors and you can see the effort Kubota made in creating operator comfort, with wide cab features, ample operating space and ergonomic controls.  Todd Stucke, Kubota vice president, agriculture and turf division was quoted in a Kubota press release stating this about the new tractors.
“With the Kubota M7, we’ve set in motion a strategy for full-scale entry into new markets, setting our sights on commercial livestock and row-crop production customers, and readying Kubota to compete with other big players in the field.  The M7’s ease of operation, technological advances and overall comfort factor will make it a top choice for hay producers as well.”
Production on the M7 tractors is in full swing at Kubota’s newly constructed Farm Machinery plant in France.  Delivery and availability for customers is set for this summer, however there isn’t any specific date that Great Plains Kubota will receive the M7 into inventory.
M7 Models At A Glance
M7-131 Premium Powered by a 128 HP Tier 4 Final engine, the 131 features high levels of speed control with a 24-Speed Powershift transmission and optional creeper. Plus a multi-tasking hydraulic system with a 4-speed live independent PTO.
M7-151 (Standard, Premium, Premium KVT) This 148 HP machine features Kubota’s customizable Headland Management System for easier turns and response while an ISO-BUS monitor/controller and GPS/auto guidance system contributes to even greater precision.
M7-171 (Standard, Premium, Premium KVT) Kubota’s largest tractor, the 171 is packed with a 168 HP engine and is full of innovative features.  This is the ideal tractor for hay, forage, livestock operations, and row-crop production. Learn more today at GP Kubota.

M7-171-studioFor more information about the new Kubota M7 Series line of utility ag tractors visit www.gpkubota.com

We Are Great Plains Kubota

We’ve asked our customers to ride with the brand.  We’ve now become “The Brand That Works For You.”  At Great Plains we operate beyond the boundaries of our slogans and brand statements because our actions speak louder than our words.  The GP Kubota mission is to provide quality equipment solutions while conducting business in a manner that honors and respects God, our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and the communities we serve.
It’s our job to understand the work of our customers.  It’s our responsibility to represent Kubota and our other equipment vendors with integrity.  It’s our duty to stand by our products and our customers. We don’t always have the answers, but we don’t stop until we’ve found the right solution.  Beyond the solutions Great Plains offers, customers will experience a friendly and helpful shopping environment.  If it’s not right, it’s on us.  That’s as simple as it gets, and is exactly what we promise.  From showroom floor to field, our promise, combined with a clean and professional environment, takes GP services beyond the sale.  It doesn’t matter if it’s two or 20 years, every time a customer operates equipment purchased from us, they’re doing business with Great Plains.
What makes Great Plains Kubota different from other equipment dealerships?  A solid foundation built by honest, hard-working ownership and management supports all aspects of GP operations.  GP leadership makes our business more than a tractor dealership;  they’ve created an oasis in a desert of work.  Our full-line Kubota dealerships in Ada, Duncan, Edmond, and Shawnee will quench customers’ thirst for productivity.  Great Plains Kubota is a diverse group of friendly employees, trained to operate as a unified resource that strives to earn every customers’ business.  The privilege to serve customers does not come automatically; the privilege is earned by the daily diligence of our employees.
Great Plains Kubota is comprised of people that, like you, know the value of quality equipment.  We are farmers, ranchers, pastors, leaders, gardeners, hunters, builders, fishermen, cooks, and auctioneers.   We’re friends of the family and stewards of the land.  We are “The Brand That Works For You.”
What we offer is more than equipment sales, service, parts, and rentals.  We offer the means to achieve dreams and goals.  We offer a hard to find promise: We will work for you every step of the way.  As we continue to grow we will continue to improve and refine our operations.
What it all boils down to is this – many places offer equipment, furthermore there’s lot of places that offer Kubota equipment.  It’s the service and satisfaction you’ll get at any Great Plains Kubota dealership that makes all the difference.  We are many different things, but most of all, we are Great Plains Kubota.

For more information about Great Plains Kubota visit www.gpkubota.com

Kubota Packages

Kubota Packages

Tractor packages are a popular way to save when purchasing a new Kubota tractor. At Great Plains we consider and piece of Kubota equipment matched with three or more implements a package. The loader and bucket aren’t considered implements however a trailer is. This is a great way to save if you know you will need other implements in the near future, plus Kubota tractor packages are a great buy for first time tractor owners. To learn more about Kubota package deals click the link below to visit Great Plains Kubota’s website.

Premium Kubota Packages And Much More

Premium Kubota Packages And Much More

Great Plains Kubota is Oklahoma’s premier full line sales and service Kubota dealer. We offer Kubota tractors, Kubota mowers, Kubota utility vehicles and Kubota construction equipment. A popular sales item at our Kubota dealerships is our Kubota packages. Basically customers can save 10% on implements if they purchase three or more implements with their tractor. A trailer counts as an implement, but the Kubota front end loader doesn’t. Our packages can be modified to fit the customers needs, so basically there are endless combinations of machine and implements to be packaged. The best benefit to buying packages is that they save the customer money at the point of purchase.
Pictured is a Kubota L3200 Package which includes:
• Kubota L3200DT 4WD/32HP
• Tractor Rolling off the line in Georgia
• Landpride 60″ Box Blade and 60″ Landpride Rotary Cutter
• 18Ft. Utility Trailer with 3500lb axles and brakes
• Metal Vs. Plastic – (Kubota utilizes metal design unlike the John Deere model)
For more information about Great Plains Kubota and their services give us a call today at 855-4KUBOTA.

Skid Steer Attachments

Image           The consumer  demand for high quality skid steer attachments for construction and farming is an ever growing requirement that manufacturers are striving to meet.  Currently there is an extensive amount of skid steer attachments available from both local and national manufacturers.  A skid steer such as the Kubota SVL series is a highly versatile machine that can quickly handle large jobs that require various attachments.  Because of its design and functionality these machines, which are traditionally thought of as construction equipment, can transcend boundaries and exceed operator expectations.  Great Plains combined their efforts with owners, operators and Kubota construction specialists to compile a top ten skid steer attachments list.  Obviously the order of their importance can change from job to job and operator to operator.  
We hope you find our list interesting and helpful.
     Tree Saws –   Tree saws are perhaps the most effective way to get rid of
small unwanted trees such as cedars that plague grazing lands.  Great Plains offers a couple different styles in this attachment.  The Turbo Saw and the Marshall Tree Saw are both effective, but are slightly different in their methods of procedure.
     Brush Cutters – Front mounted brush cutters are similar in design to their conventional cousins, but offer more versatility and the element of speed when terrain and space become a factor.  Great Plains Kubota carries Paladin, Blue Diamond, and Land Pride brush
cutters that are performance matched for Kubota SVLs.
     Grapples – Grapples are an ideal attachment for handling large amounts of brush
and heavy timber or long bulky materials.  Again, grapples are a versatile attachment that
are quicker than standard buckets.
     Hammers – Typically hammers are thought of as a construction need, but they can
be handy around large ranches.
     Augers – Augers come in a variety of sizes and designs, and are ideal for building fence.
     Buckets – The bucket is the basic attachment of a skid steer.  Even though buckets can be used for multiple functions they have evolved in design to fit the needs of the operator.  Great Plains Kubota carries stump buckets, rock buckets, low profile and standard buckets.
     Pallet Forks – Simply put pallet forks are money well spent.  They are fairly inexpensive and can be used in almost any application.
     Bale Spears – Unlike pallet forks bale spears are specific in their design, but for
hay producers that already utilize a skid steer loader they are a life saver.
     6-Way Dozer Blade – The six way dozer blade is extremely rugged, easy to use,
and offers superior visibility for a wide range of tasks.
     Tree Shears – Much like tree saws tree shears are a quick and effective way to manage unwanted trees on your property.  The purpose is the same, but they differ in design and some say results.